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Computer Repair Service & ICT Solutions

Dedicated IT Support Specialists

Our technicians have completed IT Support programs from various vendors. This gives us extensive knowledge of each product and service we provide. Likewise, we have experience on product without official courses. Thus, we can handle all your computer repair issues and other IT Support inquiries.

Computer Repair Services & ICT Solutions Experience with a long history

Fairstar Computers have been devoting to Computer Repair Service and IT support in Canberra. We have experience in the industry for 29 years. Our Computer Repair Service also includes Laptop Screen Repair, Data Recovery, Upgrade, and etc. We can provide On Site computer repair in Canberra or support you by remote service. We have products like PCs, Laptops, Computer Parts, Network Support, IT security, etc. We work with the Government, Private Clients, and Businesses alike.

IT Support with Management

We partner with Care Managed IT to ensure your business keeps working on the track it supposed to be. Our monitoring software helps us to acknowledge any issues before you do. This allows us to fix a majority of problems before they impact your work in a severe extent.


Fairstar Computers is Vendor Agnostics. This means we can support a wider range of IT Supports orienting to the specific issues in your work. We can also deliver customised computer repair, or ICT solutions if you need.

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